The Official Transmit DJ Mix

On May 3rd, 2014, a classic Utah event is experiencing a phase shift into a whole new wavelength; presenting Transmit: Electro Edition!

Part of what makes Transmit such a legendary event is thousands gathering together, tuned in on the same wattage. As we increase our gain to synchronize our frequencies on a brand new channel, unity will propel us to new heights in celebration of life! Prepare for the air to be filled with buzzing soundwaves sending positive vibrations into our atmosphere!

Gather your kilohertz, millihertz, and gigahertz as we fill the Ionosphere with our unified frequencies to broadcast a unified message of universal love!

This mix features 46 tracks from Transmit headliners Kill The Noise, Jack Beats, The M Machine, Craze and Milo & Otis as well as others.  Make sure you bump this to and from Transmit!

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