The RE:UP presents: ill:esha - Memorial Day Weekend

The RE:UP Music Series presents another definite artist in their series of off the hook events.




Crisis Wright

SL Steez



"ill.esha is a musician and DJ from Vancouver by way of San Fran, and now holds it down in Denver. Working in the biz from the age of fourteen she’s been a singer, an MC, fronted for a live band, and knows the nitty-gritty of music production, traveling with her own special pre-amps and mics to make sure the audience really hears what’s in her head. A true old school soul she spent most of her life spinning on vinyl and is so moved by sound and the desire for the organic that she always makes sure to bring an audio recorder with her in case she hears that perfect noise. ill.esha knows how to throw it down live too, bringing an actual, flesh and blood trumpet player on the stage with her; and singing, mixing, looping, adding effects and rockin’ on a QuNeo drumpad; like an indie Imogen Heap. A testament to her skill, something happened with her headphones, so she did it all without them. I’m serious, no ear gear, check the photos. What a boss! Her set was amazing too. Elements of glitch, hip hop, dubstep, midtempo, chillstep, you couldn’t count on both hands the amount of genres her music covered and it’s really not the point. It was the kind of performance that gets people to turn around and dance with each other instead of holding up their phones and staring at the stage. One of the best things about the performance was the energy coming from her- she seemed like she’s having the time of her life."